Zero Ground Disturbance Sign Base

Product Description: the "No Ground Disturbance Sign Base" allows for installation of location signage without the need for costly ground disturbance. We have tested the stands in the field, and have had very positive results. The base is light and easily transported to even very remote locations.

Price: Please Contact us for Pricing

Why use a Sign Stand?

    • Ground Disturbance is required in Alberta and British Columbia when digging or pounding any object more than 30 cm into the soil.
    • Ground Disturbance is not required for installation of a Sign Stand.
    • Line locating services for the sole purpose of pounding a sign post is costly and time consuming.
    • If a post is knocked over by equipment, or inadvertently removed, ground disturbance locates must be repeated prior to installing another post. A sign stand alleviates this issue.

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