Inspection Services & Compliance Work

Routine inspections

Melbern Vegetation offers Inspection services for customers. During routine vegetation control work, our staff visits most locations for a customer, and we use that opportunity to do a basic visual inspection of the location for the customer. Notes are made on site issues, such as broken fences, containment tubs full of water, erosion issues, and down or missing pipeline and lease signage.

These inspections do not require any extra time or expense to our customers, but are useful in notifying them if any obvious issues are found on location.

Inactive Well Inspections

Melbern Vegetation has over 10 years of experience in performing Inactive Well Inspections for some customers to meet regulatory requirements. Inspections may include SIPT’s of Tubing, Casings and SCV’s, Lease and Access conditions, Signage and Barricades.

We provide services to replace missing barricades and signage, and repairing/replacing minor wellhead deficiencies.

Photographs and detailed reports are provided to meet compliance requirements. We have extensive experience in locating remote locations for inspections and Vegetation control.

Compliance Work

In addition to Inactive Well Inspections, Melbern can provide workers for basic compliance work, such as replacing or installing remote pipeline signage in the winter months.

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